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Search through our SuperStreamz IPTV Installation Support Page for answers to any questions you may have.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, stop by our Facebook or Reddit Support Page and ask your question!  You can always send us an email too…  Either way, experience the finest, World Class Support from SuperStreamz!


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We have tested SuperStreamz IPTV on many browsers, but we extensively test on Google Chrome.  As there is no way to test with every browser and every device, we have received much feedback on numerous devices running multiple browsers.  So after much feedback, we feel SuperStreamz IPTV WILL work on any device with a browser, e.g. Laptop, Xbox, PS4, Smart TV, iPad.  Anything.

We do know of issues minor issues with Chrome that we’re currently working on.  The most reported is that there is sound, but no picture.  If this happens, immediately restart the channel by clicking on the screen then clicking the play icon again.  Another great browser that works well with this is Maxxthon 5 browser. Search for this in google.

Recent changes by Sony have also caused issues for some people with the PS4 browser. 

For Premium/US/Can Service

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Download all 3 apps and install:

1)  First, go to (for PremiumU/Can service open the Premium/US/Can Folder).  Download the UK apk or Guide/MiniGuide APKs

2)  Second, download the IPTV CORE APK for the mini guide

3)  Third, download the VLC MEDIA PLAYER APK for the mini guide

4)  Install all apps that you have just downloaded.

5)  Login to app with your login details, as provided

6)  Go to setting and make sure streaming player is set to VLC.

Enjoy the SuperStreamz IPTV Streams!

Perfect Player

Perfect Player

1). Click on the little gear on top for Settings

2). General

3). Click Playlist 1

4) Enter m3u then make sure vod box is left unchecked and click ok

5) Click Epg 1

6) Enter epg url

7) Click allow download with each update

8) Back to main screen and let load

9) Long click channel/select button

10) Click show epg

Standard m3u/epg links:


Replace XXXX with user and pass above

Restart Perfect Player and you will have access to all of the channels.  If you see no channels then check the M3U Playlist URL carefully for errors.  If you have a list of channels but no TV guide, check the EPG URL carefully for errors. Also long hold the select button on a channel. A pop up will appear. Select “Show Guide.” 

If you have any audio issues, particularly with VOD, then try alternative options for the decoder.  Settings -> Playback -> Decoder.  This is trial-and-error, and there is no “correct” answer.  It depends on your particular hardware.   Take a few minutes and test with each of the options to see which gives you the best solution for your device.

Enjoy the SuperStreamz IPTV Streams!

Force EPG Update

Force EPG Update in Perfect Player

You can force an EPG download by using the ‘Down‘ key (instead of ‘Ok‘) when cursor is on ‘Update‘ button.”

Push back button once, and use dpad to cursor over the refresh icon (circle with 2 arrows) at the top, right next to the Settings cog icon… press down, and EPG force-updates.

Enjoy the SuperStreamz IPTV Streams!

STB Emulator

STB Emulator

To Set up your STB Emulator:

1)  Stb install instructions

2) On selected device go to (this will start download automatically)

3) Click install when prompted (if install doesn’t appear, check downloads folder for the apk file)

4) Open SuperStreamz stb

5) Click configure

6) Hold down the select button

7) Click settings

8) Click profiles

9) Click SuperStreamz

10) Click stb configuration

11) Find Mac address and enter it when ordering

12) Exit SuperStreamz stb


A) Open SuperStreamz stb

B) Hold down select button

C) Go down and click profiles

D) Click SuperStreamz

Enjoy the SuperStreamz IPTV Streams!

Smart TV

Smart IPTV

Setting up Smart IPTV for both Samsung/LG Smart TV – also Amazon Firestick/Box and Android TV


1)  Download smart iptv app (free for 7 days)

2)  Write down your MAC address.

3)  Go to

4)  Enter your MAC into the middle left box.

5)  Enter your playlist (m3u url) into the  middle right box.

6)  Tick the “I am not a robot box” and caption if required. 

7)  Press the reset button on the web page to reset any old playlists on your smart iptv app. (Optional)

8)  Choose country you are living in.

9)  Press “add link” you should see a message saying playlist added on website.

10)  Close app on tv then reopen it you will see that all channels have been added to your smart iptv.

Enjoy the SuperStreamz IPTV Streams!



Setting up MAG Box

1)  Click portal settings and enter in the portal url

2)  If you are setting up a new Mag box:

  1. You connect your MAG box 250/254/256 to your TV and to your internet router.
  2. It takes around 30-60 seconds to boot, once it do it you can go to (settings) and select (interface). It’s here you tell it where to go when it loads up. You can also change here your weather information to be shown in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.
  3. Now you need to go to (system settings) and choose (Network) and then Auto (DHCP).
  4. Choose now (Auto update software) and set auto update enabled. Press the F2 button (green button) to update the software. Exit now and choose (servers) menu
  5. Now choose (General) and add a timeserver, Press the (KB) button on your remote to bring up the keyboard on the screen. Here you can fix the time, press ok to save your settings and then exit to (servers).
  6. Choose (Portals) and enter

Now you can start using the MAG box.

Enjoy the SuperStreamz IPTV Streams!

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