What Do I Need to Buy to Watch SuperStreamz IPTV?


All  you need to buy is the SuperStreamz IPTV Streaming Service.  SuperStreamz IPTV will run on any device: Smart Phones, Tablets, and Computers, Android Boxes, Amazon Fire Sticks and Fire TV, PC, MAC, iPhone iOS, Android Phones, Linux, or Raspberry Pi. You can cast it to any device as well.  So you can put the service on your Smart Phone and watch it where ever you are, but then come home and cast it to your tv.

*Note:  High speed internet is required for this service so at least 20-30 Mbps is recommended. The internet is the backbone of this system.  If you’re unsure about your device or your internet speeds, please Contact Us directly for help, advice, optimization techniques, tips, and recommendations for your system.

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