Perfect Player


1). Click on the little gear on top for Settings

2). General

3). Click Playlist 1

4) Enter m3u then make sure vod box is left unchecked and click ok

5) Click Epg 1

6) Enter epg url

7) Click allow download with each update

8) Back to main screen and let load

9) Long click channel/select button

10) Click show epg

Standard m3u/epg links:


Replace XXXX with user and pass above

Restart Perfect Player and you will have access to all of the channels.  If you see no channels then check the M3U Playlist URL carefully for errors.  If you have a list of channels but no TV guide, check the EPG URL carefully for errors. Also long hold the select button on a channel. A pop up will appear. Select “Show Guide.” 

If you have any audio issues, particularly with VOD, then try alternative options for the decoder.  Settings -> Playback -> Decoder.  This is trial-and-error, and there is no “correct” answer.  It depends on your particular hardware.   Take a few minutes and test with each of the options to see which gives you the best solution for your device.

Enjoy the SuperStreamz IPTV Streams!

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