We have tested SuperStreamz IPTV on many browsers, but we extensively test on Google Chrome.  As there is no way to test with every browser and every device, we have received much feedback on numerous devices running multiple browsers.  So after much feedback, we feel SuperStreamz IPTV WILL work on any device with a browser, e.g. Laptop, Xbox, PS4, Smart TV, iPad.  Anything.

We do know of issues minor issues with Chrome that we’re currently working on.  The most reported is that there is sound, but no picture.  If this happens, immediately restart the channel by clicking on the screen then clicking the play icon again.  Another great browser that works well with this is Maxxthon 5 browser. Search for this in google.

Recent changes by Sony have also caused issues for some people with the PS4 browser. 

For Premium/US/Can Service

Enjoy the SuperStreamz IPTV Streams!

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